What is a Faculty/Staff Interest Group (FIG)?

A Faculty/Staff Interest Group (FIG) is a small group of diverse faculty and staff who are interested in improving teaching and learning practices in a particular course or using a particular teaching strategy.

The TLC has previously facilitated FIGs in applying the Communities of Learning, Inquiry, and Practice (CLIPs) model in 2009-10 and in administering the Achieving the Dream PRESS for Completion grant in 2012-14. We changed the name to FIG for the 2014-15 groups.

FIGs foster collaboration between faculty from a variety of teaching disciplines and staff from across campus. They also encourage data-informed decision making about classroom practices and support improvement of course completion rates.

What are the criteria for participation?
  • Employment at Durham Tech
  • Successful submission of the FIG Interest Form and FIG Supervisor Support Form by the deadline (see below)
How do I apply to participate?

Durham Tech faculty and staff who want to participate submit a FIG Interest Form and ask their supervisors to submit a FIG Supervisor Support Form on their behalf. The deadline to participate in a FIG in 2019-20 is Friday, August 16, 2019. See forms below:

FIG Interest Form

FIG Supervisor Support Form

Interest forms will be reviewed and FIGs assembled by the TLC director in consultation with the TLC advisory committee, deans, and the vice-presidents for Student Learning and Instruction and for Student Engagement, Development, and Support.

Final approval of the FIG participants must be given by the supervisor, dean, and appropriate vice president.

What is the incentive for participating in a FIG?

To recognize the increase in work load that participating in a FIG will require, stipends will be given to all FIG participants.

How many employees are eligible to participate?
  • 5 teams maximum
  • 4 to 5 people per team
    • Team lead (course instructor, can be a full-time or part-time faculty member)
    • 3-4 team members made up of a variety of faculty and staff

The goal is 20-25 total participants.

What are the goals of FIGs at Durham Tech?
  1. To  foster collaborations between faculty from a variety of teaching disciplines and staff from across campus
  2. To encourage data-informed decision-making about classroom practices
  3. To improve student success
What else do I need to know about FIGs?
  • Participants are required to attend 3 official FIG workshops each semester
  • Participants are required to attend one additional related activity, such as a team meeting or recommended/related TLC activity each semester
  • FIG leads are required to submit a summary report at the end of each semester
  • FIGs are required to share their study and results in a TLC presentation
What courses and topics have previous FIGs worked on?

Visit the FIG archives on the TLC website to explore past topics, including presentations and handouts from previous FIGs.