FIG Timeline

Below you will find how the last iteration of FIGs worked. This specific information will change based on the upcoming round of FIG participants, but the general flow will remain the same.

Fall 2017

FIGs (1) research and (2) prepare for implementation of a new strategy, approach, or intervention

September 2017
FIG Workshop 1: Introduction to promising strategies, course data, and issues of equity  (2 hours)

October 2017
FIG Workshop 2: Strategy development (2 hours)

November or December 2017
FIG Workshop 3: Strategy implementation (2 hours)

Spring 2018

FIGs (1) implement a new strategy, approach, or intervention and (2) share their results in a TLC presentation

February 2018
FIG Workshop 4: Strategy implementation check-in (2 hours)

March 2018
FIG Workshop 5: Preliminary data review and strategy reflections (2 hours)

April 2018
FIGs make presentations in the TLC of their research and preliminary strategy reflections

May 2018
FIG Workshop 6: Data review, strategy reflections, and celebration (2 hours)