FIG Timeline

Below you will find how the latest iteration of FIGs worked.

Fall 2017

FIGs (1) research and (2) prepare for implementation of a new strategy, approach, or intervention

September 2017
FIG Workshop 1: Introduction to promising strategies, course data, and issues of equity  (2 hours)

October 2017
FIG Workshop 2: Strategy development (2 hours)

November or December 2017
FIG Workshop 3: Strategy implementation (2 hours)

Spring 2018

FIGs (1) implement a new strategy, approach, or intervention and (2) share their results in a TLC presentation

February 2018
FIG Workshop 4: Strategy implementation check-in (2 hours)

March 2018
FIG Workshop 5: Preliminary data review and strategy reflections (2 hours)

April 2018
FIGs make presentations in the TLC of their research and preliminary strategy reflections

May 2018
FIG Workshop 6: Data review, strategy reflections, and celebration (2 hours)