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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the synthesis of teaching, learning, and research in higher education. The TLC supports full-time and part-time instructor participation in SoTL projects that substantially change the ways in which instructors teach. SoTL projects focus on large-scale, research-based change to an instructor’s teaching practices.

For more details, view the video here. One update: see SoTL FAQs for current eligibility requirements.

Select faculty will complete a SoTL project over three semesters:

  1. First semester

    Full-time faculty receive a mini-sabbatical of up to 8 credit hours (or a reduced clinical teaching assignment for HT faculty). They use the additional time in their work week to research a new teaching strategy or participate in training in a new pedagogy and generally prepare for implementation of a substantial change to their teaching practices.
    Part-time faculty do not receive a mini-sabbatical but complete a plan for implementation of a substantial change to their teaching practices.

    Beginning in Summer 2017 — 9-month full-time faculty can complete their first semester of SoTL over the summer for a stipend (payable when the project is completed). Contact Lance Lee at for more information.

  2. Second semester

    SoTL faculty implement the changes to their teaching practices.

  3. Third semester

    SoTL faculty publish their results. Publication via the TLC either in a TLC presentation or in a Learning Matters article is required. Publication in a teaching-specific or discipline-specific journal and/or a presentation at a local, regional, or national conference is encouraged. If the full-time faculty member chose to do a summer term, the stipend is payable upon publication of their SoTL project.
    Part-time faculty receive a $500 stipend upon publication of their SoTL project.

For more information, see the SoTL Application and SoTL Frequently Asked Questions webpages.

SoTL participants
SoTL Presenters at the October 2016 North Carolina Community College System Conference